Make personal postcards and we'll send them to your friends and family from only £1.20.

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    Step 1: Turn any photo into a postcard.

    Your photo can be as big or as small as you like. Take it from your Facebook, Flickr or any other photo sharing site, or snap a photo with your phone's camera.

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    Step 2: Add your friends and family.

    You can add friends and family from your contacts or easily create new entries! Editing people's details is simple and only one click away.

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    Step 3: Write a message to all of them.

    We don't limit your word count so you can write as much as will fit on a postcard! Use a message template to write to several people in one go and personalise it with each recipient's name. Or write a custom message for each recipient.

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    Step 4: Press send and we'll get it delivered!

    For the affordable price £1.20 we will print and deliver your postcard to anywhere in the world. Each postcard is printed on high quality card and protected by 2 layers of film so nothing is stopping your card from getting to it's destination intact.


Feature 1


Postcards Delivered will print and mail your postcard for only £1.20. That includes the postcard and delivery to anywhere in the world.

Feature 2


Create and send over 100 postcards within 5 minutes! Your Postcards will be printed and sent next business day.

Feature 3


No need to type a message to each recipient. Use message templates then personalise each message or send a generic message to all.

Feature 4


Use your phone's contacts. The app lists your most sent recipients first so no need to hunt around for Mum’s or best friend’s details!


Windows Phone

Exclusively made for Window Phone ®, Postcards Delivered will be available to all Windows Phone users. This free app takes advantage of the uniqueness of the Windows Phone environment with integration to all your favourite social sites so you’ll be able to reach out to your friends and family by sending them a real postcard.


We truly have global coverage. If there’s a letter box, mailbox or postbox we can deliver your postcard. We have hand-picked the best from thousands of mail carriers to ensure you receive an excellent service at the best possible price. You can send your postcard anywhere your phone is. We won’t eat up your internet and you won’t get charged the moon in roaming charges as our app will store your postcards and only send them when you want to.


Postcards Delivered is produced by BuiltBySeed, a company that aims to let ideas grow into something bigger. We’ve been working hard on this application and the infrastructure that supports it so you will find sending a postcard a breeze. It has been an unforgettable journey so far and we hope you’ll join us.


Once you've done your bit we do ours

Every week day our team gets up at the crack of dawn to make sure your postcard heads out to it's destination.

Printing of postcards

Your postcards are printed on thick premium card using our full colour digital printer.

Laminating postcards

Every postcard is finished with a polyester protective laminate. The photo side is laminated with a gloss substrate to bring out the colour while the address side is laminated with a matt substrate to reduce glare.

Cropping postcards

Each sheet is quality inspected then cut to A6.

Postcards ready to post

Your postcard is then sent via one of thousands of possible mail routes, chosen for reliability and speed.


Any questions or queries that aren't answered in our FAQ please use the form below to contact us.